ATTENTION: First Annual Local Consultant Industry Convention

“Who Else Wants To Learn Advanced Business Growth Strategies From Top ‘In-The-Trenches’ Industry Leaders, Network With Over 600 Successful Local Marketers and Connect With Key Industry Vendors?”

Fellow Local Consultant,

The Local Industry is changing, FAST! It’s no longer 2009 where you could just throw a rock and land a client because you were the first to show up.

The good news, there has never been a better time to be in the local marketing industry.

Business owners now KNOW they need online marketing, they have the budget for online marketing… but they are left wondering who to trust (which is where you come to their rescue).

These next few years are the window of hyper-growth for our industry where more money and wealth will be created by those of us that ride the growth wave of local marketing.

However, now is more critical then ever for all of us “good guys” in this industry to come together in support of ethical local marketing and make a stand against the hype and the scammers preying on local businesses.

And at the same time take your business and this industry to the next level.

The Solution… the Local Marketers Summit.

All the top leaders and industry pioneers have came together to create the annual must attend event to support you, your business, this industry and your ability to impact your clients.

The 3 Major Outcomes You Will Leave With:

(1) Advanced Training
You will get direct access to 3 days of new, fresh, cutting edge training at the intermediate to advanced level from both industry leaders and the “hidden gem” consultants who are out in the trenches every day… to get the wisdom and direction to take your business to the next level.

You will leave with the exact ideas, strategy and guidance that empower you to go from 4 figures a month to 5 figures, and from 5 figures to 6 figures a month, and then into multiple 6-figures a month.

Plus, with our combination of major “Industry Keynote” topics and over 30 break out sessions and “in-the-trenches” panels we give you a choose your own adventure approach to going to the sessions that are the best fit for you (versus being stuck sitting through off topic sessions).

(2) High Impact Networking
With over 600 other successful local marketers in attendance from around the world… the informal networking you can do will be unprecedented in our industry. The people sitting next to you, the ones you talk to at breaks and chat with at the bar and during dinner will be worth attending just by itself.

In addition, we will facilitate fun and effective “outcome based” networking sessions so you leave knowing the other people in your geographic area and in your similar business model (Local SEO, Reputation Management, Mobile, Social Media, PPC) to collaborate with when back home.

These networking connections will propel you out of the “internet isolation” mode many of us are stuck in when we are back home in the day-to-day operations of our business.

(3) Key Vendor Access
You will also have 3 days of unlimited, direct access to all of the key outsourcers, vendors, tool providers and software platforms for local consultants.

Both the vendors you already know and also the vendors you have never heard of but desperately need will be on display in the Vendor Hall.

Within minutes of direct conversations with these key vendors you can save months off your learning and research curve by talking directly with real people at their booths.

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What if I am new?

Before I recommend if you attend (or don’t attend), I first need to ask you a question.

Do you want to build a real business that provides real success for yourself?
Do you want to live the life of a business opportunity shiny object chaser?

If you are the shiny object chaser then this event will easily become dozens of shiny objects for you overwhelm yourself with.

However if you are committed to building a real business, then this Summit can be the catalyst, the foundation you leave building a richly rewarding local online marketing business.

Moving forward…
2 people take 2 different paths

After reading this page, there will be 2 different groups of people moving forward.

Those that attend the Local Marketers Summit and those that don’t attend.

Those that attend the Local Marketers Summit will have the key insights and strategies and connections to go home and double their business over the next 90 to 180 days.

They are the people that value being around like-minded, positive, successful people.

They take great pride in providing amazing value to their clients and live their life based on integrity.

Then, those that don’t attend the Local Marketers Summit will be stuck with the same problems, the same challenges, the same frustrations you have right now.

90 days… 6 months… a year from now… as the industry grows, evolves and your peers are crushing it, you are feeling stuck and the opportunity is passing you by as you wonder “why not me?”

You stay stuck in the “lone wolf” approach to business where its you against the world and you don’t have successful peers you can turn to for advice, support and guidance.

You’re willing justify cutting corners, chase the fast buck and even hoodwink clients to put money into your pocket and left wondering why your client list is a leaky bucket with more holes loosing clients then you can shovel in the top.

The choice is a simple one… what kind of local marketer do you want to be moving forward?

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(AND Get The “First Week ONLY” Super-Early-Bird Event Recordings Bonus)


What Is LocalCon?

Supported by the industry’s leading marketers, exhibitors, and sponsors, LocalCon brings together the top experts on Local Search, Mobile, Video, Sales, Lead Generation, Reputation Marketing, Pay Per Click, Outsourcing, and more in one location for three full days each year.

At LocalCon you’ll gain unparalleled insights and access to market leaders and potential business partnerships, as well as multiple tracks of educational sessions covering the latest trends.

These are going to be 3 days of PURE unbridled content, hands on training, and high level deal making! You will be exchanging ideas, strategies, and systems with over 500 other local marketers during the event and planned after hour activities to forge profitable relationships.

With over three dozen powerful Keynotes, Break Out Sessions, Networking, Spotlights, and Working “Labs” Sessions, you’ll leave equipped to take your business to a whole new level!

At LocalCon you will:

Meet top technology solutions providers – on hand will be the industry leaders in technology solutions for finding, closing, or servicing your customers.

Meet the top names in local marketing – Rub shoulders and connect with leading experts and publishers of the top rated software tools and training programs online. Capitalize on peer networking opportunities during our private VIP dinner, lunches, and networking receptions.

Walk away smarter – experience three days of cutting edge training designed to keep you up to date on the latest trends and save you both time and money by avoiding common mistakes.

Join and Network with over 500 of your fellow Local Consultants and Industry Leaders while experiencing history and this first ever event. In short, the perfect combo of training and networking to help you grow your business.